FindBugs Bug Detector Report

The following document contains the results of FindBugs Report

FindBugs Version is 2.0.0

Threshold is medium

Effort is min


Classes Bugs Errors Missing Classes
135 2 0 0


Bug Category Details Line Priority
Ambiguous invocation of either an outer or inherited method java.util.HashMap.size() in net.sf.kdgcommons.util.ReadThroughCache$1.removeEldestEntry(Map$Entry) STYLE IA_AMBIGUOUS_INVOCATION_OF_INHERITED_OR_OUTER_METHOD 152 High
net.sf.kdgcommons.util.ReadThroughCache$1 is serializable but also an inner class of a non-serializable class BAD_PRACTICE SE_BAD_FIELD_INNER_CLASS 147 Medium